Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Stop making moutains out of mole hills."

Eric Little said...
Please I'm begging you to consider the real reason for your existence. Try. Get Started. Step out. When you begin to realize that when you move then and only then with God's guidence and help will we ever really step into who we are. Stop ignoring you. It's not just a thought. It's God drawing you to your place of significance. The world is in need of the real you. Open your heart to God so you can be activated.

pj morton- mountains and molehills

Friday, June 4, 2010

Step into YOU.

You know I realized recently why I have been really frustrated and concerned
about the direction my life is taking for many years. Some may have you think
that they have every detail of their life mapped out and timed but is that really true?

I realized that the frustration I'm feeling is really about me stepping into ME. It's time for me to stop holding back out of fear and uncertainty and start actively pursuing my deepest burdens and passions in life. Not hobbies or anything like that. I'm speaking of the meaningful projects and endeavors that gives something to others while giving back to me. Things that will make my life relevant to people long after I'm dead and pleasing to God.

It's the same for you as well. It's time for you to step into YOU. Stepping into YOU is realizing that their is a God given and pre-appointed destiny that you and I must progressively step into. Our destiny and purpose defines who we are and why we are?? Have you ever wondered why you are??? Why do you exist really? To be honest with you I believe God will give every person that lives a clue but the details are only released through relationship with Him. Through Confessing Jesus Christ as lord and savior we gain access to God. That access gives us the ability to clearly understand the tugs and pulls through everyday thoughts and emotions that gives us clues to our lifes most fulfilling destiny. Stepping into YOU starts with a step toward God through Jesus Christ He's waiting??????


Eric T Little