Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over And Over AGAIN.

Over And Over just because.

Yes. It's a awesome and powerful thing that happens when you have a personal encounter with God's favor and mercy in your life. When that happens regardless of where you stand in your thoughts concerning God realness you know at those moments and even now that he's real.

It's at the place where our needs and desperate positions require action beyond the control of what man can do that God reveals himself. We able to see evidence of his existence when this happens. Even now you are in need of an encounter with God through His grace and favor. The situations you are presently facing will not take you out. The lost of that relationship wont take you out. The pain is real but it's passing was needed for you to grow and move ahead toward the destiny God has for you. The House you are trying to purchase is not a good move for this time but it is in God's plan for you. Just wait and be patient. You have been in need of clarity on some things and I'm one of many that God keeps using to tell you the same thing. Yes this is God and this keep happening OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

He desire to move close to you like never before but you keep questioning his realness and power so he's reaching out to you in ways that his realness will never be questioned again. To you that keeps doubting God He say's trust and believe in Him through Christ for your best days are ahead. He keeps blessing and manifesting himself to all that this message is reaching. If you are reading this and What i have written has been things you have been praying or talking to people about then God is talking to YOU. God's not going to stop blessing you and reaching out to you because He wants you to know His desire you is authentic and His love for you is real. You have been seriously hurt by people who you believed loved you and those situations have left scars that you need healing from. God's sending people to you that are apart of helping you heal but you keeping rejecting and pushing them away in FEAR. God's says to you trust the help he's sending you through PEOPLE,Same sex relationships(You struggle in this area), and Information. Receive His instruction and know that You are headed in the right direction.

Live, Love, Learn