Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A word to all singles.

Today in our present generation marriages, dating relationships, and friendships are failing like never before because we build them out of God’s order with wrong expectations. A downward spiral begins when we start developing an appetite for bonding and connecting with others first, before we ever get acquainted with God and the defining value of understanding our life passions and purposes which brings clarity and distinction to our life. When we don’t have definition or clarity in our life we tend to connect with misfits that have no connection or relativity to our life beyond an emotional or sexual connection. This spells disa disaster in relationships’ and ster marriages. Let’s see, how does the dating circus begin? First, you are either anxiously alone, single and perfectly content, spent from dead end relationship, or in the heat of a progressive career with everything in place accept that special someone. Then suddenly, one day he or she catches your attention. You can hardly stay focused on anything when they are around other than how you can get a conversation started without blowing it. When you finally meet, you enter th the acquaintance stage, start having fun, and discover th that you have so much in at common. Right? In many cases we skip the friendship stage where time and circumstance usually tend to reveal motives, differences, and weigh the substance of the individual. Instead of taking the high road of careful consideration we get lost in the euphoria of the budding acquaintance that quickly becomes a relationship before we know it. When you are apart, you count down the minutes until you see that special someone again. You believe you are in love and you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Life happens, you move in together and after a couple ye years of sampling you get married maybe? After a while the honey moon stage expires and the struggles of life cause things to become a little rocky. Problems and trials take their toll. Your jobs, family members, and friends all pull you in different directions. Then you see if the bottom falls out. If it does we just start the cycle all over with another person without studying the wrong steps we made in the last relationship. Unfotunately unhealthy cycles just keep going until someone decides that something about the process has to change. I think it starts with re-evaluating how we utilze our time as singles......To be continued
(Excerpts of this book was shared today.)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The power of singleness

To all of the singles of the world I will lead off by saying “to all things there is a season and a specific time.” Relax, you’re not behind and you’re not going to miss anything that is assigned for your life if you tap into God and His purpose and intent for your existence. You may not have all of the details, but get a clue! This is apart of what I believe singleness is for. As a single myself, I was guilty of living fast and looking too far ahead. You know what I mean. Kind of like, putting the cart before the horse, or like rushing out to buy furniture without a home to put it in. I liken those scenarios to any single person that’s seriously pressing to enter a relationship without having a clue of who you are or why you are?“ And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. The lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man He hadformed formed.” Genesis 2:7-8 Form: To fashion, shape, cultivate or develop into: something. God started with the singled in Genesis. Before Eve a appeared it was just Adam. He was the first single God personally formed. Much like Adam, I believe God desires our singleness to be a time of personal development and self-discovery. He desires to form you and plant you into something that brings significance and value to your life while positively impacting others. Don’t be guilty of waiting for someone to complete you and make you whole.Wholeness and completeness should be settled during our singleness. Coming into relationship with God through Christ iswhat activates mankind for the revelation of purposes which cause the faith and hope in us to come alive. Eve didn’t bring Adam wholeness. She brought him partnership in the fulfilment of purpose, support, fellowship, and accountability. His identity was already complete. Before Adam met Eve he tapped into God and His purpose and intent for his life. It’s my intent to enlighten any single that truly desires to live a fruitful and progressive life. If that is you I challenge to look at your singleness a little different.