Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's love got to do with it?

What's love got to do with it?

Hi! my name is Eric Little.

I have a few things on my mind as it relates to love and relationships that I must release. Feel free to listen in and respond if you'd like.

Where is the Love? You know, today I'm really bothered by all of the hate and bitterness in the world that surrounds us daily especially when it comes to relationships. Is it really supposed to be this way? Why are so many people divorcing and breaking up their families because of irreconcilable differences that they vowed to work through at the alter or in the court house when they were getting married? why are so many people disgruntled and confused when it comes to dating and relationships? These are some questions I seek to express my deepest thoughts and concerns about as I move forward in this discussion with many within the webmosphere. If we are to try to understand why some of these questions exist we must begin our journey here.

In my opinion,Love is a beautiful concept that was created in the mind of God. It's a gift that he released into the time and space we occupy called life. He did this to enable us to experience the joy and fulfilment that comes into our lives through something called relationships. The sad thing is because of the lack of love being truly understood, expressed and demonstrated in our social and personal enviorment we have been damaged by it's counterfeit called lust. Lust parades itself as love. This causes us to live not really understanding what true love is and how it should cause us to look, act, and respond under it's influence toward each other. Many relationships aren't under the influence of love. They're under the influence of lust and selfishness. Because of this we abuse and mishandle each other physically, sexually, and emotionally to gain a controling postion in the relationship.

Let's be real! Most of us really want to express Love and recieve Love in it's purest nature and form but, most of us have never experienced a "true"demonstration of love. Many of us have been encountered by a self-centered emotion called lust. Many have accepted selfish people into their lives that take and never give. People that tear them down and never build up. selfish people that lust after you for how you look and what have to offer them will never protect your best interest. They will always look out for themselves. I don't care how much they say they love you. Love never acts or responds with selfish motives. Love seeks unity and oneness. Lust seeks control. Love Liberates. Lust Dictates. Love sees and accepts you for who you are and challenges you to change and grow. Lust sees and accepts you for what you have and disgards you when something new comes along. Love is hardcore, confident, sure, a never ending cycle of truth and respect. Love is for all people but only real men and women can live under it's influence.

Through media forms such as movies, music and music videos we are flooded with many unrealistic and unhealthy images and views of what life, love and relationships are supposed to look like. We set our standards for life and relationships based on role-plays and characters on television that are created to entertain us with a false view of reality.

Let's step out of TV and music video land! The characters we imitate in our relationships were created to sell us illusions and mindsets that create a fals sense of reality. These cycles and mindsets destroy our lives and distort the true essence of love and relationships because we dont really know or fully understand what love is.

Sexual Emotion driven Lust says yes to anything that will: put me at an advantage, and cater to what I want. It's selfish and eager to take something from you without giving anything back. Sexual Emotion driven Lust last for just a moment and when it has taken what it desired the desire for that person or thing leaves. In other word I've taken everything I can from you. I'm not in Lust with you anymore.

Love says no to anything that will: put the person it's directed toward in a losing position in anything. Love always look for a way to give or add to the relationship. Love is a decision that you make that NEVER CHANGES. IT'S NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN FALL OUT OF. Love doesn't abuse it protects! Love says no when saying yes will not benefit the other person in some way.

If you are in a relationship you really have to know what you're workin with. I will leave you with this thought. You have to look at love like a apple tree and sexual emotion driven lust as a orange tree.

This is a absolute truth! A orange tree will never ever, ever, grow a apple on it's branches. In other words judge your relationships based on the fruit it's showing you on a daily basis.

If what you experience is truly love it will bear a certain fruit that will never lie to you or lead you astray. The fruit you see is what you really have.
Open your mind to this Uncensored Truth.

I say these things not as a hater but an emancipator. I seek to strengthen the weak, challenge the strong, and provoke us to embrace uncensored truth. think on these things..................
To be continued
Eric T. Little

Come on MAN!

Stop waiting because TIME waits for no man. Time is ticking away......TICK,TICK,TICK,TICK.

It never stops. It's always moving out of something OLD into something NEW. When are you going to move out and press into the next level of manhood in your life. As men today it's time for us to do something different with our lives.
It's time for us to live, love, and lead differently than we ever have before.

The future of our families and generation depends on it. Right Now,

Women currently make up 57% of all college students.
As women march forward, more boys seem to be falling by the wayside. Not only do national statistics forecast a continued decline in the percentage of males on college campuses, but the drops are seen in all races, income groups and fields of study.

Today, though, the blue-collar jobs that once attracted male high school graduates are drying up. More boys are dropping out of high school and out of college. And as the gender gap widens, concern about the educational aspirations of young men appears to be gaining traction.

The gender difference in completion rates is reflected in the makeup of college graduates. Among all college graduates ages 25-29 in 2010, 55% were women and 45% were men. The gap was largest within the black community, where 63% of college-educated young adults were women and only 37% were men.(

Every year, an estimated 1.3 million American high school students drop out; a disproportionate number of whom are youth of color.
The point I'm trying to make with all of this is it's time for men to wake up. Our
present state will not change by ignoring the facts that confront us in society.
If we don't decide to change the way we approach education, entrepreneurship, family, and parenting our world will continue to fall apart.

As men we represent FOUNDATION. For far too long we have been settling with being faulty FOUNDATIONS. The sad thing is NOTHING can be built correctly on a Faulty FOUNDATION. Families are weakened, communities struggle, and culture and society goes unchecked by moral balance when men fall out of position.

I can't say everything in this blog that needs to be said though my heart desires to say more. I realize with every problem presented there must be solutions..........

As men we must be willing to admit that we can't get properly aligned again in our own strength and will. We need God's intervention.

As men we must be willing to look at our family history and determine what negative cycles we must pull away from in our manhood that we know are wrong. Before we move beyond this point we must decide whether we are willing to be cycle breakers or a cycle of a cycle that leads us nowhere progressive.

As men we must make education a priority again whether it's high school or college graduation. We will never compete in the job market or the global economy without education and we will limit the support and stability we can contribute to our families economically, and educationally.

As men we must commit to being fathers again. We must move beyond the excitement of sex alone and decide to take responsibility for what we help create. we must not be afraid of practicing abstinence and or remaining virgins until we get married. This may sound ridiculous but it's a step in the right direction.

Finally as men we must start teaching our sons and daughters what is right about love, sex, education, self-respect and the rewards of hard work beyond the get rich quick schemes that the culture will entice them with like illegal drug distribution, musical entertainment and professional athletics. These things can no longer be allowed to be seen in higher value to our children than moral balance, education, and entrepreneurship.

These aren't the answers to all of the problems but it gets the ball moving in the right direction.

Reform, Rebuild, Restore

Eric T. Little